May 11, 2018

World of Tanks commemorates Australian military history

Wargaming has announced that a piece of Australian military history will be immortalised in World of Tanks, with the  Australian Centurion tank, now available for all to play.

Travis Plane, Wargaming Australia Country Manager, said the Centurion played a key role in Australian military history.
“The Centurion tanks were well armored, mobile and easy to maintain. No doubt there will be great anticipation amongst our tankers for the Centurion to roll out,” said Travis.

Alexander De Giorgio, World of Tanks Regional Publishing Director, says there have been an increase in the number of Australians playing World of Tanks PC since the launch of World of Tanks 1.0 in March.
“We’re not just dedicated to great gameplay, but delivering local, historically relevant content. Our player base in Australia and NZ continues to grow, especially following the launch of the local server and most recently World of Tanks 1.0. The Australian Centurion is another example of our commitment to our Aussie players,” said Alex.

 The tank is available today in game and is classed as a Tier VIII vehicle, so get prepare your strategies accordingly. If you are not playing the game and want to know more about it, you can hit up the official site for all the details, you can also download the game there.

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