May 24, 2018

Star Trek Bridge Crew expands with Next Generation content

Ubisoft has announced that Star Trek Bridge Crew, the VR game that literally places you onto the command deck of the Enterprise, has expanded today, with the release of The Next Generation expansion.

On board the Enterprise-D, players are introduced to a new command role, Operations. The Operations officer is tasked to strategise and assign NPC crews throughout the ship. By allocating these crews, Operations will have the opportunity to modify the ships’ capabilities, activating features like Shield Modulation, Precision Targeting and additional abilities to combat cloaked ships.

Additionally, the Star Trek: The Next Generation expansion introduces two new modes to Ongoing Voyages, Patrol and Resistance. Patrol mode provides players with opportunity to openly travel through space while experiencing unpredictable battles and objectives for endless hours of adventure. In Resistance mode, even the most experienced crews will be put to the test, completing a series of challenging objectives in preparation for a final showdown against a deadly Borg cube. 

The expansion is out today for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR, but for those on PC, you will need to wait until July 25 to get the experience there.

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