May 11, 2018

Ride on as Wild West Online is out now

Today marks the day that Wild West Online, the cowboy mmo, leaves early access and goes to full release on PC. The game allows players to create their own western story by partaking in activities such as a faction conflict that pits rival gangs in an ongoing territorial fight against each other, robust world exploration, expansive resource gathering and crafting, PVP combat, PVE missions with NPC quests, and much more.

In Wild West Online players can become the Western folk hero of their dreams, whether it be sheriff, outlaw, homesteader and more. 

To create an even further gripping experience, the development team will continue building out the larger world and integrating new content to create the best experience for players. This includes having Wild West Online’s world age through the years. When players enter Wild West Online today they will start in the mid-1800s with a frontier dynamic and during the coming years the world will evolve as it moves into the late-1800s and eventually into the early 20th century.   

If you want to jump into the western action, you can find out here right here.

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