May 10, 2018

Milanoir brings the 70's back at the end of May

Italo Games and Good Shepherd Entertainment have today announced that Milanoir, the homage to the masterpiece Italian crime movies of the 1970s, will launch on consoles and PC on May 31st.

I said consoles, because the game was initially coming only to Nintendo Switch, but the studio have now announced that Xbox One and PlayStation 4, will both receive the game and on the same day.

Inspired by classic films like Caliber 9 and Almost Human, Milanoir is a story of greed, betrayal and revenge drawn to life with stylish pixel art graphics and a funky ‘70s soundtrack. Sneak, choke and shoot through the violent criminal underbelly of Milan on the hunt for the man who framed you, surviving breathtaking vehicle chases and gunfights while taking out anyone who stands in your way.

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