May 25, 2018

MAINGEAR Switch's up your PC

Proving that there is no concept to crazy, MAINGEAR has announced the F131 1ofOne PC, which combines a powerful gaming computer and Nintendo Switch dock into one unit.

This custom system was designed as part of MAINGEAR's 1ofONE program and Intel's Extreme Rig Challenge to showcase potential future designs from MAINGEAR.

"The Nintendo Switch is the perfect companion to a powerful gaming PC, but there wasn't an elegant solution to professionally stream Switch games" said Wallace Santos, MAINGEAR founder and CEO. "With the F131 1ofONE's built-in Switch dock, it provides the cleanest and most powerful solution to stream your favorite Switch game with incredible quality. Combine that with the vibrant RGB APEX SPECTRUM cooling system to make this one-of-a-kind build the ultimate set up for any PC gamer with a Switch."

The F131 1ofONE is the latest system in MAINGEAR’s 1ofONE program, where they build completely custom one-off builds. It features MAINGEAR’s award winning F131 with APEX liquid cooling and a fully integrated Nintendo Switch dock built into the case. When docked, the Switch is directly connected to an internal capture card designed to give gamers the ultimate solution for recording and streaming their Switch gameplay on platforms like Twitch and Mixer at max settings.

While this particular model is not for sale, the F131 series does exist and you can look at the various builds on the official site.

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