May 07, 2018

FRAMED Collection comes to Switch next week

Loveshack and Surprise Attack Games have announced that the Framed Collection, will be hitting Nintendo Switch on May 17th, which is next week.

Featuring a fusion of unique game mechanics and clever narrative puzzles in a noir tale of stylish heists, fast getaways and nail-biting escapades, FRAMED and FRAMED 2 will have you rearranging the panels of an animated comic book to alter the order of events and change the outcome from disaster to success.
The games have seen great success on the iOS platform, even getting world wide acclaim from game maker Hideo Kojima. In order to play the game, you need to re-arrange the panels, to complete the noir style story. Place a panel down in the wrong spot and you can discover some humorous and sad endings, but you can keep trying. 

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