April 27, 2018

Wild West Online leaves early access on this May

Wild West Online, the action MMO will soon be leaving early access on Steam and heading towards its full release, the trailer below has all the details, as well as another look at the game.

May 10th is the date, on that day you and your friends will be able to form posses, capture territory and more in this wild west adventure.

Since launching into Early Access, Wild West Online has utilized community feedback to expand its features and gameplay in order to create a compelling western experience for its official launch on Steam. At launch players will now select between two rival factions looking to control the expansive world. After selecting a team, players will then compete with their compadres to capture and maintain control over territories in order to gather valuable supplies. In addition to territorial confrontations, players are able to partake in a bevy of side missions and activities. 

The developers have lots of content planned for post release, so keep an eye on it.

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