April 11, 2018

Watch Star Wars The Last Jedi with some special Sphero friends

The Last Jedi has been out on Digital, Blu Ray and DVD for a week or so now and while the film may be decisive for some Star Wars fans, there is one audience who will enjoy it no matter what.

Sphero have released an update for their Star Wars line of droids, adding The Last Jedi into the Watch with Me feature. A quick look at BB-8 below and how it works, if this is new for you. What happens is that the droids will respond to the scenes you see on screen, should a rebel pilot get shot down, BB-8 or R2-D2 might look sad, where as BB-9E might be happy.

You can use the Watch with Me feature, with any combination of the droids, one, two or three and when the new droid releases later this year, he will work as well.

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