April 24, 2018

Stormdivers announced from Housemarque

Housemarque has announced their next title, Stormdivers, sadly apart from a teaser trailer and a few stills, not much is known about the game.

If you recall, last year the studio announced some serious changes to how they were going to deliver games, only time will tell, if this new game is a product of that change. The studio did release a statement about the game, included was this line.

Our newest title will still remain in a slight shroud of mystery, but we can say that it will be a high flying and heavy hitting, multiplayer centric experience. It will be the first title that we treat as an on-going service, this also means that there are ways to get to play it earlier and we'd love to develop it further with a feedback loop in mind.

So hopefully, this means that the game will grow overtime, but with less than 2 months until E3, I doubt we will need to wait to long to find out.

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