April 26, 2018

Splatoon 2 evolves further with the 3.0 release

Nintendo has released the next update for Splatoon 2, bringing the game to 3.0, which adds in a new stage, fresh new gear and an all new rank to achieve and more.

“As promised when the game was first announced, we are determined to provide players with new experiences and content in Splatoon 2,” said Doug Bowser, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Through these regular updates, we are ensuring that both players old and new will log on to fun new experiences.”

The biggest change to the game is the addition of Rank X, this new rank is an extremely challenging and for only the best-of-the-best players. Players who are S+10 in the current Splatoon 2 ranking system will automatically be registered as X Rank after downloading the update. Players who are X Rank will battle for an X Power level. Players with similar X Power levels will be matched together even within the same X Rank. Once a month, 500 players with the highest X Power level for each of the four different Ranked Battle modes will be announced in the SplatNet2 section of the Nintendo Switch Online app for mobile devices.

New stages are also included as part of the update, including fan favourite, Camp Triggerfish. Piranha Pit and Wahoo World also join the rotation.

New gear is around for players to obtain, here are just a few examples of the gear you can get.

Callie also makes her return to the game, and once players meet a certain condition after downloading the update, Callie will appear in Tentakeel Outpost in Octo Canyon. Callie will also offer recent multiplayer stats about the player’s character.

Finally, it was announced over the weekend at the Splatoon 2 AUNZ Championships, that the latest amiibo for Marina and Pearl would be available on July 13.

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