April 12, 2018

Meet Malroth in Dragon Quest Builders 2

After only releasing details about the game last week Square Enix have released more details about the upcoming Dragon Quest Builders 2, this time looking at your players friend Maltroth.

Malroth is your companion, give him a weapon and he will fight alongside you, should you want, he will also start collecting resources when you do.

While Malroth will help you out, he also has no memory of who he is, as he lost all of this memories when he came to vacant island. While he has no clue on who he is, he can still build, just not very well.

Finally, while he does share the name of a Dragon Quest baddie, he is a good guy, even if he can't remember that right now.

No word on when the game will release in Japan, or even if its coming to the West, but the first did, so I can't see a reason why the sequel would not.

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