April 12, 2018

Take a VR tour of the human body thanks to Gutland and Metamucil

Ever wanted to know what it was like to be food? Well, neither have I, but this Saturday, April 14 at Darling Harbour, Sydney, you will get that option, thanks to Metamucil and a very unique VR experience.

From 9am til 5pm at Harbourside Amphitheatre, Darling Harbour, people who opt in, will be able to don a VR headset and then see what it is like, inside of the human body. The experience, called Gutland, is a real world + VR pop up, with dozens of touchable and tracked objects, and set up as a green screen stage so their experience can be recorded.

Created by Diesel Immersive, the branded Gutland Virtual Reality combines new technologies to create a world-first in brand storytelling.

“The VR experiences now possible in the home are extraordinary,” said Diesel Immersive Founder, Daniel Sim Lind, “but while you can see a 3D world around you, when it comes to touch you're limited to holding game-style controllers. What sets Metamucil's Gutland experience apart is that you can physically touch everything you see in the VR world.  Everything you place your hands on real world is exactly matched by virtual objects inside Gutland. With P&G's support we have built the world's most tactile VR experience, with dozens of touchable and tracked objects.”

Andrew Crowe, Brand Manager, P&G Healthcare, ANZ said: “For decades, Metamucil has been in households across the country. Everyone knows why fibre is important but not everyone really knows why. The creation of Metamucil in Gutland is a way of communicating the crucial role of fibre in supporting gut health and regularity in a truly exciting, innovative and interactive way.”

The Gutland experience is set up as a green-screen stage, allowing adventurers to share videos of their experience inside the virtual world. These “Mixed Reality” videos show both the real person and the fantasy VR world they are experiencing.

At this time, there are no plans for the experience to travel the country, so if you want to experience it, you need to get to Sydney.

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