April 06, 2018

Astro and Nintendo are teaming up to bring some nostalgia to the A40's

Astro has announced that they have partnered with Nintendo to bring to life a series of products, first up is their A40 headsets, which will include a series of officially licenced speaker tags, those plastic things that you can place onto your gaming headset, in addition more items will be announced down the line.

“Nintendo captivates and inspires gamers with iconic franchises and perennial characters, capturing the imagination of players across all generations. Nintendo continues to push the boundaries of gaming with Nintendo Switch, which allows players to enjoy their gaming experience regardless of where they play,” said Cris “Soup” Lee, Head of Licensing & Partnerships, ASTRO Gaming. “ASTRO Gaming believes in delivering players unsurpassed audio fidelity with premium products that enhance immersive gaming experiences. ASTRO is delighted to team up with Nintendo to create innovative products that ignite nostalgia and passion for gaming, featuring beloved characters and franchises for fans to collect and enjoy.”
There is no word on when the speaker tags will be available to buy, though they are on show at PAX East, but it would be safe to think they will be here sooner, rather than later.

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