March 27, 2018

World of Tanks gets a complete overhaul

Wargaming have announced that World of Tanks has gotten its largest update ever, with revamped visuals, overhaul of the games maps and more.

Not only do players get access to the all new map Glacier, but 29 maps have been completely reworked, giving players a new experience that still feels familiar.
“Update 1.0 improves the baseline technology for the game, introducing the in-house developed Wargaming Core graphics engine,” said Milos Jerabek, Development Director for World of Tanks PC. “Thanks to it, we’re now capable of elevating the entire game and can ensure World of Tanks is a fun and immersive experience for years to come.”
Together with greater visual fidelity, Update 1.0 adds a brand-new dynamic soundtrack. Each in-game location gets its own theme that resonates with its setting, creating a unique atmosphere for every battlefield. Published by Sony Music Entertainment, the World of Tanks official soundtrack will be available for listening and downloading for free at all major music platforms.

“Intel is committed to driving technical innovation in the PC gaming industry,” said Michelle Chuaprasert, Sr. Director of Developer Relations Programs and Initiatives at Intel Corporation. “The advancements being made by Wargaming in its next release of World of Tanks represent the next generation of PC gaming experiences.”
Here are just a few screens from the updated game, which really show off just how much the game has improved its visuals.

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