March 16, 2018

The Valkyria Chronicles 4 site is now live, gather your intel

Sega have announced that the official site for Valkyria Chronicles 4 is now live, letting players dive in and learn more about the game and characters ahead of the games release later this year.

In case you have not heard of the series, here is a dev diary that gives you a little insite into the world and lore:

Study informative dossiers to get to know First Lieutenant Claude Wallace and his key allies (and enemies) across the Federation and Imperial armies. Or, you could take in the breathtaking sights of the flower-dotted plains of Western Europa and the frigid tundra of Eastern Europa, presented in gorgeous watercolor detail by the CANVAS Engine. You can even learn about each of the class types available in Valkyria Chronicles 4, including the brand-new siege-based class, Grenadiers. Click here to visit the full site and start learning today.

The game is coming later this year to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, until then though, enjoy some screens and art.

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