March 13, 2018

Puzzles abound in the upcoming Bonza Jigsaw

Australian developer MiniMega gained a lot of attention a few years back with the release of Bonza Word Puzzle, which gave a modern twist to the classic crossword, a little over a year later they were back with a National Geographic version, this time with picture puzzles. Now the team have announced that Bonza Jigsaw is going to change up the puzzle game, check out the debut trailer below.

The game is going to feel similar from what players will know from the NetGeo game, but there appears to be a lot more to it, you will get to drag and drop pieces around, but also you will need to rotate pieces and more. Here are some of the features the developers have listed for the game:
ACCESSIBILITY -The portion control system serves pieces in small chunks, making puzzles easier to manage.
GAME MODES -6 ways to play (Standard, Rotation, Blind, Patience, Mirror and Blitz).
Some puzzles are super simple and others are more challenging, find your perfect balance.
Featuring hundreds of puzzles from around the globe, unlock new packs by levelling up.
Collect golden regions and unlock special challenges.
New content updated every day, including a daily quiz to test your geography knowledge.
Subscribers get access to a Daily Puzzle, a Bonus Daily Quiz and the Daily Puzzle Archives.

As of right now, there is no set release for it, but as soon as they have it, I know I am getting it for myself. 

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