March 12, 2018

MLB The Show 18 launches this month with new features

PlayStation Australia has announced that MLB The Show 18 will release onto PlayStation 4 on March 23rd, celebrating this they have released a new trailer about the Road to the Show mode the game contains.

If there were not enough, the game has a bunch of fixes and enhancements as well, some of them are:
No more micro-transactionsPlayers will no longer have to purchase Training Points to progress their player, which will allow them to solely focus on the gameplay and have a more pure experience.
New Archetypes and Attribute CapsAll created players in the game will have an Archetype that reflects the various types of players found in baseball, making the game more believable and realistic. Every Archetype has strengths and a weakness. Some Archetypes may have big power potential at the sacrifice of speed, while others will be insanely fast, but lack the ability to go deep.
There will also be Attribute Caps where limitations are placed on how powerful Archetypes can be in certain attributes.
Focus Training Sony San Diego Studios helps tell the story of what it is like for a mid-to-late round draft pick in the baseball world, with a newer minimal UI. After discussions between the developers and professional players, the studio came to a decision on how player progression should work, which is now a two-part experience.
On the field The first way that player’s progress and get better is on the field. Every on the field action players make will feed into their attributes.

The game is out on March 23 and comes in a few different varieties, depending on how deep you want to go into the game.

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