March 01, 2018

Live real history as Mulaka is out now

Lienzo has today announced that Mulaka, their action adventure game, based on the history and mythology of northern Mexico’s indigenous Tarahumara people is available now across all platforms.

From facing down giant bosses like the fearsome Watakari - A gargantuan bullfrog, ancient guardian of the mythical Arareko lake - to using the powers of the demigods to transform and explore new parts of the world, Mulaka offers up a fast-paced gameplay experience that’s truly authentic to the culture it so lovingly portrays.

This includes dialog recorded in the Tarahumara’s native tongue, and a world full of creatures based on myths and legends that have been passed down for generations, highlighting Lienzo’s commitment to authenticity throughout Mulaka. Unsurprisingly, the team at Lienzo conducted extensive research in order to achieve this, which included consultations with anthropologists and approval from Tarahumara elders. 

Mulaka is out now for PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch and tomorrow for Xbox One

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