March 28, 2018

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope adds co-op and more on consoles

Nastume has announced that when Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition comes to Switch and PlayStation 4 this May, it will have for the first time, co-op.

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition players will meet Soleil, a Gem Sprite whose origin is shrouded in mystery. Being a Gem Sprite, Soleil is unfamiliar with the world outside of the dark caverns. It will be up to players to introduce Soleil to the wonders of the outside world!

Soleil will also guide players through the new CO-OP Play. Grab a friend, and they'll be able to control Soleil and help out on your farm using Soleil's Gem Sprite magic! Soleil will be able to grow crops, tend livestock, and gather materials. Farmwork has never been so easy.

Soleil is also a character that you will be able to marry and depending on your player character when they turn human, they will take the opposite gender and look from above.

A Season Pass will also be available to players who want access to all four planned DLC the game will feature. All four DLC packs are designed to enhance and offer more of a unique Harvest Moon gameplay experience.

The game is out on May 29 for Switch and PlayStation 4, the regular edition released last year for PC.

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