March 14, 2018

EB Expo and PAX Australia combine forces

In a surprising move, the EB Expo appears to be no-more, with word that they are joining forces with PAX Australia to create "the ultimate celebration of games and gaming culture at PAX Aus 2018"

In the press release, it is stated that EB will be bringing the "World-Class Features" from the EB Expo to PAX Aus, which if you can believe the statement, consists of a dedicated area for the biggest game publishers to showcase upcoming titles. That could mean a stage to show off games on, or the gaming hall, which already exists, but if that was not for you, the Pop-Up EB Store that took up a lot of EB Expo will also make an appearance at PAX Aus.

This is big news, because for years now, it has been that you either went to EB Expo in Sydney or the Gold Coast, depending on where it was held, or you went to PAX Aus down in Melbourne. I myself always stuck with PAX Aus due to it being closer, but usually not the same.

Word from last year EB Expo, was that it was not as great as years past, now that could be a lot of things, but the size of the Gold Coast venue was one of the things I heard people did not like. Gaming industry people will now be happy of course, as they only have to do one mega show at the end of the year, instead of two.

But what do you think, is this a good move?

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