February 02, 2018

Take justice to the streets in Raging Justice coming in 2018

Team 17 and indie developer MakinGames has announced that they are teaming up to release Raging Justice to the world, well those on Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Check out the games debut trailer below.

For fans of the genre, Raging Justice is a classic style brawler brought back to life with HD graphics and surround sound. Battle your way through hordes of thugs, unleashing maximum brutality with Rick Justice and Nikki Rage’s savage fighting styles as you choose whether to arrest or annihilate your foes. Whether you play as good cop or bad cop has consequences and will result in a different ending to the game.

While a side scrolling beat'em up at its core, the game is changing things up by adding new twists onto the genre, the biggest addition is that of Arrest Warrants. When you take on an opponent in a brawl, you can oblierate them, or being the good cop you are, arrest them. Arresting a bad guy will give you more health, but beating the snot out of them will give you more points, so you need to choose which one is going to work for you the best.

Of course as its a beat'em up, the game supports co-cop, so you can battle the streets with a friend and as you can choose to play as either Rick Justice or Nikki Rage, picking your favourite and then getting your friend to play as the other one, well that is pure 90's.

The game is coming to Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime in 2018, but no specific release date has been provided yet.

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