February 02, 2018

Claws of Furry is slashing its way to release this Autumn

Indie studio Terahard Studios has today announced Claws of Furry, their co-op, rogue like, action game, will be coming to Nintendo Switch, PC and Xbox One this Autumn.

Players will find the game packed with over 50 levels of cat-astrophic action, where they can punch and scratch their way through the enemies in order to locate their master from an unknown evil.

Combining modern action ideals with classic arcade beat'em ups of yesteryear, will force players to adapt to ninja and cat like reflexes. Multiple costumes will provide different in games perks and when combined with many unique enemies, there will be a lot to discover.

The developers understand that the game might be too challenging for those new to this type of game, as such they have added a mode called Pussycat, which adds checkpoints to the levels, giving people a bit of breathing room. You will still need to keep your skills in check and playing with friends is the best way to achieve that.

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