January 12, 2018

Super Mario Odyssey gets a free update next month

Nintendo has announced that next month, Super Mario Odyssey will be receiving a free update, that will add two new game modes to the title.

Players will be able to seek out Luigi within each of the worlds, upon beating the main story and then place a balloon within any part of that kingdom that they can access within the time given. Other players can then take on your challenge and try to locate where you hid your balloon.

In addition, you can also take on the challenge of any other player and try to locate their balloon, so you best start practicing your wall and triple jumps as finding balloons is set to be a big challenge.

On top of the new game modes, players will also have the option to kit Mario out in new outfits, one of which is inspired by Marios first ever attempt at a holiday. When you find a new outfit that works for you, new snapshot filers will be available, letting you express your new outfit in many more ways.

The update is expect in February, but an exact date was not revealed during the Direct Mini.

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