January 29, 2018

Ryu and Sakura are coming to Monster Hunter World

While Monster Hunter World only released on Friday, Capcom it seems are not sitting on their butts, as they have announced that Ryu and Sakura are coming to the game. Well, at least their outfits will be available.

In order to obtain the Ryu set, which will change your character voice to that of Ryu, will require you to complete a quest called "Down the Dark, Muddy Path" This quest will be exclusive to PlayStation 4 players that have Street Fighter V save data, but if you play on Xbox One or don't have any save data, the quest will release later as well.

And not long after that, two new Event Quests will be added to the rotation for all players (PS4 and Xbox One) and completing them will get you new “SFV Tickets,” so you can craft the Ryu and Sakura sets. By the way, check out these sets in action here:

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