January 19, 2018

Look inside Vampyr with the first chapter in a new series

Last week, Focus Home Interactive and Dontnod teased a web series that focused on Vampyr and what makes the game, today they have released the first part of it, check it out below.

In Episode I: Making Monsters, Dontnod gives more information about Jonathan Reid, the doctor-turned-vampire that players will step into the shoes of in Vampyr. Freshly turned, Reid’s ‘condition’ unveils a dark new reality, thrusting him into a once-hidden society of wretched creatures like himself. Ancient Ekons plot from the shadows, terrifying Vulkods prowl the streets at night, and cursed Skals hide in the darkest places of the city.

The three following web series’ episodes will release weekly, with Vampyr releasing Autumn 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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