January 15, 2018

Detective Pikachu is finally leaving Japan

After being announced and released in Japan all the way back in 2016, Nintendo 3DS players outside of Japan will finally get the chance to experience Detective Pikachu, as its is set to release March 23rd via Nintendo eShop and at retail.

Players will take control of a human named Tim, who one day encounters a Pikachu who claims to be a great detective and for some reason, Tim can understand this singular Pikachu. Together they will solve clues and uncover a mystery like the world of Pokemon has never seen. 

In addition, at least in Japan so far, a new Detective Pikachu amiibo has been announced, standing at twice the size of the standard Pikachu amiibo and when used with your game, it can unlock short videos that may contain helpful hints for your investigation.

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