December 12, 2017

Ghost Recon Wildlands is getting a new PVP update this week

Ubisoft has announced that Ghost Recon Wildlands is getting a new update later this week for the games PVP mode. Called Jungle Storm, the update will provide a wealth of new content for the PVP mode, including new maps, classes and more.

Available in the new update are two new classes available in all PvP modes. These include the Pathfinder, a stealthy Ghost equipped with a deadly crossbow and unmarkable by drones, as well as another new class which will be revealed for the launch of the update on December 14.

In addition, ranked play, which will allow players and their squad to compete against others to reach the highest ranks. Plus new maps will also be added for the Elimination and Uplink modes, a live stream is set to take place on December 14 at 4am, which will showcase all the new content.

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