November 28, 2017

Take a musical journey with Ode

Ubisoft has yet again announced a new game from the Reflections team, the studio behind the Grow Home and Grow Up games, Ode is a musical adventure game, but with absolutely no instructions.

Ode is a game where take control of Joy and explore four distinct themed gardens and the more items you collect, the more the world reacts, giving you a larger burst of visual and audial responses. The gardens are filled with musical plants that emit specific notes to help players to build a musical background in each level. Soft challenges unlock layers to create a unique composition based on the player play style.

Hit up the Ubisoft Blog to learn more about how the game came about and how it is still from the range of experiments that the studio began back with Grow Home. The game is out now through UPlay on PC and priced at $7.95

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