November 17, 2017

Plantronics drop three new Dolby Atmos headsets

Plantronics have announced that the RIG LX series is out now, which all include the Dolby Atmos sound system, providing some of the best audio you will ever hear.

Dolby Atmos is a special audio enhancement for Xbox One and Windows 10 lets gamers hear sounds with three-dimensional clarity – from above and below, in front and behind – giving them increased advantage in nearly any gaming scenario.

“I’ve never met a gamer who wasn’t looking for some sort of competitive edge, our newest RIG line with Dolby Atmos enables multi-directional, fully immersive audio cues like nothing else in the market today. Combine that with a long-lasting battery life and signature lightweight design, and the choice becomes obvious. If you want a true 360ᵒ competitive edge, Plantronics RIG with Dolby Atmos has you covered. Peter Petrides, Director of Gaming for Plantronics ANZ."

The 400LX is your starting model and is priced at $149, the 600LX is priced at $199 with the 800LX coming in at $229

The RIG800LX features are as follows:

  • • Dolby Atmos for Headphones Activation: Provides gamers with full, 3-D audio by changing the way developers treat sound in-game. Instead of placing audio in a flattened 2D circle, Dolby Atmos technology creates a full sphere of sound that moves around the gamer – above and below, in front and behind.
  • • Performance Audio: Amplified audio with matched 40 mm drivers brings the soundstage to life. Low frequency resonators reinforce bass and limit distortion. When done talking, just flip up the mic to mute it.
  • • Precise Controls: Analog dials help you quickly adjust the balance between game and chat audio, as well as master volume. Choose an EQ setting to isolate pure highs, intensify the mid-range, enjoy seismic bass or enhance vocal focus.
  • • Advanced Battery: Wireless headset with a 24-hour battery life that allows players to focus on gaming without worrying if the headset will lose power. When the headset needs to be charged, the enhanced quick-charging battery provides three hours of gaming per 30 minutes of charge.
The 600LX is the one I love the look of the most, which you can see below, but in addition to the 600LX, it and the 400LX also come with the RIG LX1 pro level amp with three audio EQ modes, dual analog control-wheels for game/chat balance and an aux input for music.

This is the RIG LX1 amp, to help you keep your audio in check. 

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