November 24, 2017

Planet Coaster celebrates its anniversary with a new update

Frontier has announced that Planet Coaster is celebrating its first year of release with the Anniversary Update.

Over the past twelve months Planet Coaster has seen the launch of the FREE Winter, Spring and Summer updates, together with a number of game updates and even a collaboration with the world-famous Cedar Point theme park. Today Planet Coaster has over one million players and 142,000 items on the Steam Workshop.

The Anniversary Update is Planet Coaster’s fourth major FREE Update , adding new rides, features and gameplay to Planet Coaster, including:

Scenario Editor

Planet Coaster gives power to the players with the fully-featured Scenario Editor. Players can create their own scenario challenges with an easy-to-use editor and share them with the Planet Coaster community through the Steam Workshop. With new content and community-created challenges available every day, there’s always something new to experience in Planet Coaster.

New Rides

Three new rollercoasters – Hop The Gaps, Cascade and Zenith – bring new coaster-construction options to players’ parks. And two new rides – the retro classic Weisshorn and the compact Monte Leone – expand the collection for all Planet Coaster players.

New Buildings and Scenery

Management gets deeper with the new Staff Management Building – a place for your park staff to rest and receive training before returning to work more capable than ever. New billboard scenery and branding expands advertising options in players’ parks, and new picnic tables allow players to create food courts and plazas for hungry park guests.

And Planet Coaster benefits from a host of new management improvements, a new scenario from the team at Frontier, UI tweaks, custom biome improvements and interchangeable rollercoasters. Place any coaster train on any coaster track, and build without limits.

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