November 29, 2017

Nanoleaf is set to light up your world like nothing else

Nanoleaf Light Panels might not be something you are aware of, but you should be, these modular panels allow you to create any shape you can imagine, on any surface you can access and then with your smart device, you can program them to light up, however you want.

“The belief that lighting should be a more joyful experience was largely what inspired the Nanoleaf Light Panels,” says Nanoleaf’s CEO and Co-Founder, Gimmy Chu. “Even though many people only see light as a function, we know that light is vital in crea:ng the right ambiance, helping to set the mood and even helping with a healthier lifestyle. How you experience each and every moment of your day is largely determined by light, so we wanted to give that experience back to the user. We see the Nanoleaf Light Panels as the ultimate tool for self-expression”, concludes Mr. Chu.

Eleva:ng connected lighting to unprecedented levels, Nanoleaf Light Panels is a plug and play system that is intelligent, modular and fully customisable. With the Nanoleaf Light Panels, lighting is transformed into a paintbrush you control with the swipe of a finger or sound of your voice. Made up of lightweight triangular LED panels, the Nanoleaf Light Panels works on a single power supply that controls up to 30 panels with WiFi. Double sided moun:ng tape secures Nanoleaf Light Panels to any flat surface while the linker pieces let you connect the panels together and shape the Nanoleaf Light Panels however you may imagine, just like the glorious LEGO days of your childhood.

Thanks to the LED Panels, which are equipped with high energy efficient LED's, you can get 16 million colours from a single panel, letting you find that perfect colour for your mood. While you can control your Nanoleaf panels with the app, it is also compatible with the Apple HomeKit, Amazon's Alexa and Google's home kit, letting you add it to your existing home automated network.

A starter kit, which contains 9 panels as well as the controlling unit will set you back $300, so it is not a cheap kit, but given the amount of options and possibilities it is something to consider. You can also purchase as many panels as you want, with a kit offered from the website that comes packed with 30 panels. Buying one in Australia is simple, just pop into your local JB HiFi, Harvey Norman or David Jones, Apple Stores will also be selling them as well, if you have one near you.

In addition, you can purchase that is known as the Nanoleaf Rhythm, which lets your music control the action, that is another $80, but given that you may never see the same lighting combination again, could help make things even cooler.

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