October 03, 2017

Xbox bring back the onesie

Xbox Australia is back again with another wicked onesie, this time the Forza 7 themed suit looks more like something a race car driver would wear, but is still functional for all your gaming needs.

Xbox Australia worked with Porsche Cars Australia to develop this particular item of clothing, here is a list of features, for those that like lists.

• Fully breathable fabric that offers a stain proof gaming experience
• A tighter, tailored fit, providing race suit performance from the comfort of the couch
• Elasticated pockets, ensuring your devices stay secure – even when drifting
• Forearm and backside padding, making even the longest stint a breeze
• Built-in detachable hydration pouch with easily accessible mouthpiece – giving gamers access to         their favourite drinks whilst laying down their lap time

“Motorsport is a risky business with dangers at every turn, so keeping cool and remaining comfortable is crucial to success. With so many similarities to real race suits, the Performance Edition Onesie is the perfect pairing to the most realistic motorsport game ever created”, said Chelsea Angelo, Australian professional driver.

Chelsea along with Matt Campbell, Current Australian Carrera Cup champion took the time to model the special suit, even as Matt prepares for a big race this weekend.

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