October 17, 2017

Portal Knights expands once again with a new update

505 Games and developer Keen Games has announced the 1.2 update for Portal Knights is landing on Steam today and coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions soon and adds a wealth of content and fixes to the game.

You can read about the changes in the statement below from 505 Games, but if you are someone that loves patch notes, you can read those on the official site.

We are always listening to our community and as a result we are bringing a popular request to Portal Knights; Vacant Islands. These Vacant islands will allow players to freely build impressive structures where they can store treasures from adventuring, without the need to clear the island of monsters or other buildings. Visit the merchants in game to access these Vacant islands and also gain access to a selection of unlimited resources in exchange for gold coins! Building has never been easier in Portal Knights.

Adding a personal touch to your home in Portal Knights is now much easier as the decorative props found in dungeons can now be mined and placed. Gather a selection of paintings, books, bottles, plates and more to make your house feel like home!

For our adventurers, we have added more quests that are more challenging that before. Face down a bunch of new enemies and help a slew of new characters! What’s more, the Portal Guardians have locked themselves away behind huge gateways so players will need to complete these unique questlines across these fractured realms before battling the huge bosses. As part of these quests players will be able to find new armor, new weapons, new spells and a ton of new items! Some of the environments have been reworked as part of this update too with different dirt textures, new plants and more so make sure to explore each and every world.

In order for players to see these new features in existing universes they will need to regenerate their worlds. To help make this easier for our community we have added a regenerate feature on the universe selection screen which will regenerate all islands except the home island and vacant islands so make sure to bring everything over to your home island.

Our community have been asking for random events to occur more frequently so we have updated this so that random event occur every hour. Players are now more likely to experience sudden changes in whether or enemy invasions events. In fact, two new enemy invasion events will also be added as part of this update!

As part of our V1.2 update players will also experience general improvements to the game including reduced memory usage and faster loading times.

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