October 20, 2017

Party Golf is out now for Nintendo Switch

For the second time in as many weeks, Switch is now host to another golf game, but this ain't your regular golf, this is Party Golf and like the other golf game, this was also made in Australia.

Party Golf was created as a competitive couchplay game for all ages and skill levels to enjoy.  With over a trillion gameplay combinations to try, there’s definitely something in Party Golf for every player. 

Party Golf’s Lead Game Designer, Ian Lewis, says “we love that Party Golf has been played in lounge rooms and at parties all over the world, and now to have it on the Nintendo Switch which is the perfect platform for local multiplayer games, will only increase the places we will now hear the yells of excitement and frustration we love so much!”

So grab some mates, grab your Nintendo Switch, and come and try the endless gameplay combinations that will stretch friendships and definitely cause some shouting along the way.

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