October 20, 2017

Mafia the 'OG' is available now on GOG

2K are celebrating the 15th anniversary of Mafia, by re-releasing the original game on GOG, making it compatible with modern PC's for the first time, you can get the game for yourself right here.

2K Czech Studio Director Roman Hladik released a statement about the original game, which you can read in full here, but the most intersting part is this.
“At the very beginning, there were just five of us – game development teams were not much bigger back then. We started to develop a fantasy RPG game, but after a gaming tradeshow, we decided to change direction. [There were way too many other fantasy RPGs on the market at the time.] We put our heads together again. We’d been thinking about the games we play ourselves and how to combine all these different game mechanics. If we’re being honest, our mission became designing the game that we wanted to play.”

The game is a classic and it will be interesting to see how it olds up over the years.

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