October 19, 2017

Join us and write for Maxi-Geek

Do you feel that you can talk about games, share the news of the day, provide an opinion or two about the current video game trends, or maybe provide a review for the next hit title, then you are in the right spot.

Maxi-Geek is growing, far beyond how much I can do on my own, or with the support of the reviewers, so I am looking for help. In order to apply for a position, you need a few things, basics really, here they are.

• A working computer with a solid internet connection
• A good understanding of how to write up content
• Gaming knowledge across multiple platforms and genres
• Your own gaming hardware (if you are reviewing content)
• Time to help

Maxi-Geek is done because I love video games, it is why I started it and as such, these are non paying roles, though you will be rewarded with lots of experience, exposure, excel spreadsheets, though not likely the last one.

If you happen to live in countries other than Australia, I have to decline your support, because we are Aussie based and Aussie focused. If you live here and can travel, there is always the chance for hands on at events, though not a guarantee.

If you feel that you can put your thoughts to the digital paper and want to join the team, then send an email to with all your samples you can provide, if they match what I am after, I will let you know. If you freelance for other outlets, you are more than welcome.

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