September 08, 2017

Raiders of the Broken Planet gets an open beta

Raiders of the Broken Planet is making its way towards its September 22 release, but ahead of that, the game will have an open beta on September 15 and 16, letting player experience the game and help test it.

Players will get to download the game and play two missions - First Round and Hanging by a Thread.

First Round is a tutorial mission focusing on Harec, the leader of the Raiders, and acts as the intro mission for the game. It is the only mission playable only in single-player. Hanging by a Thread is a daring mission for the Raiders as they infiltrate an enemy airship to rescue the unhinged warrior of legend - Lycus Dion - in an attempt to recruit him to the team. Like every other mission in Raiders of the Broken Planet, it can be played in single or multiplayer, including the innovative 4 v 1 Antagonist mod.

These two missions make up the games prologue which can be downloaded for free upon the games full release, but for those who want to experience the full release, Alien Myths, can be download on the same day for purchase.

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