September 22, 2017

New fighters join the battle in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Tokyo Game Show is happening now and thanks to it, we have new characters for Dragon Ball Fighterz to enjoy. Fan favourites Tien and Yamcha make a return, but we also get a new fighter in Android 21, a all new character to the Dragon Ball world. In addition, we also get a tease of the story mode, which looks dark and ominous.

The new character, Android 21 is not something just created by the studio, series creator  Akira Toriyama supervised her design, meaning she is as authentic as it gets.

She is a mysterious scientist and well known for having the same knowledge as the person who have created the Androids: Dr. Gero.  Her story is quite vague but she is connected to Android 16.  What’s her story?

The game is launching on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4 in February of 2018, though an exact date has not yet been given. In the meantime, check out these shots of Tien and Yamcha in action.

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