September 15, 2017

New camo themed PlayStation 4 console bundle coming

PlayStation Australia today announced that when Call of Duty WWII releases this November, PlayStation 4 will be the place to play it, as on November 3rd, the official Call of Duty PlayStation 4 Console Bundle will be released.

The design above is what you will get and packaged within is a 1TB hard drive. As usual, the box comes with the standard controller, cables and a copy of the game on disc, but in addition, players will also score:
•  The Divisions Pack, Nazi Zombies Pack and Weapon Unlock Token.
•  Access tp the DLC map packs 30 days early (before its release on other platforms) on PS4.
•  A full game download voucher for That’s You! – the new irreverent party quiz from PlayStation’s new PlayLink range.

While it is nice to see little Dualshock 4 controllers on the print, it still does not stop the machine looking like someone applied a sticker from Etsy to it. The controller looks nice, there is no logo or anything to state its Call of Duty related, but the colour is something I am really enjoying.

What do you think, would you drop $550 for this console bundle?

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