September 28, 2017

Meet true evil in The Evil Within 2

Bethesda have released a new trailer for The Evil Within 2, that takes a look at an evil you may not have noticed in the past trailers, Father Theodore.

Father Theodore has been kept under wraps since the announce of The Evil Within 2. He has made appearances here and there (most notably in the latest gameplay trailer), but the man has remained an enigma up until now. Along with Stefano, Theodore is one of the main antagonists in The Evil Within 2, and he’s finally ready to reveal his message to the masses – a message that promises a “righteous” fury and immolation to those who oppose him. Sebastian will need to survive the wrath of this master manipulator if he is going to have any hope of finding Lily and escaping the nightmare of STEM.

“Theodore is the kind of person who always hides his true face,” says Game Director John Johanas. “He’s showcased as a religious figure, but he’s very much a manipulator in the way he speaks to you and tries to get you on his side. He portrays himself as someone who is friendly and trying to help you, but you can see clearly in his demeanor and the way he creates this world of his that there is obviously something very dark beneath the surface.”

“He’s certainly charismatic,” adds writer Trent Haaga. “He uses the same sorts of techniques as a lot of cult leaders. It’s called neuro-linguistic programming. It’s the way in which you speak to somebody and the words you choose and the way you seem to be benevolent. You make them feel like you’re trying to help them, when in reality you’re just serving your own purposes. This is the very essence of what Theodore does.”
Theodore has his own reasons for being in STEM that are separate from Mobius’ goals, which he sees as misguided. Though what he’s actually after only becomes apparent as Sebastian becomes more entangled in his world.

“If Stefano has the ability to stop time with his camera in STEM, Theodore’s ability is that he can see through you,” explains Johanas. “He can see what you’re hiding and what your weaknesses are and he can use all of that against you. That’s the spider’s web he traps Sebastian in. He makes all these grand promises, but he only serves his own purposes.”

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