September 05, 2017

Ground breaking news as SteamWorld Dig 2 releases on PlayStation 4 this September

We only just learnt the other day that SteamWorld Dig 2 was coming to Switch on September 21st and Image & Form have been saying for a while that it would hit PlayStation 4, not long after. Today they have announced that it will release on PlayStation 4 on September 27th, which is not to far away at all.

If that was not enough, rumors of a PlayStation Vita version are not true, as they have been confirmed, the game is coming on the same day for both platforms and if you buy for one, you will score the other platform as well, thanks to Cross Buy.

If you have not been paying attention the game, as you were waiting on details of the PlayStation 4 edition, then be sure to check out the PlayStation Blog, as the Image & Form Community Manager, Julius Guldbog has detailed 5 cool things about the game.

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