September 26, 2017

Chills and thrills combine in the Spooky Pack for Planet Coaster

Frontier have announced, that as we approach the spookiest time of the year, Planet Coaster is ready for it, as the Spooky Pack is now available to get, letting players craft the scariest ride they can.

Players will get all new spooky scenery pieces including static and animated attachments, special effects, shop fronts, path extras, doors and windows, fences, triggerable coaster doors, themed custom signs and even themed hats for Planet Coaster’s park guests.

If that was not enough, then the new spooky construction pieces can be used alone or together with existing themed wall sets. Planet Coaster’s piece-by-piece construction tools mean every part of every theme can be mixed, matched, removed and re-used however players choose.

In addition, two new rides have been included, both offering up something different, the first is 'The Hoax' is a free-spinning haunted house ride players can fit in even the smallest spaces. Guests will be thrilled and chilled on the tight track filled with frightful twists and turns. The second of the included rides is called 'The Huntsman' is Planet Coaster's first-ever motion platform ride. This ultra-modern ride tilts, turns and moves around players’ parks without a track.

Finally, a new entertainer character is also included and with this addition, King Coaster steps aside to make way for King Ghoster! The newest Planet Coaster entertainer will haunt players’ parks and offer hair-raising entertainment for those who dare to visit.

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