September 27, 2017

Chess Ultra learns to play with others in many ways

Ripstone have announced that when Chess Ultra is released on Switch later this year, not only will it offer up a range of playstyles on the system itself, it will also allow players to play across platforms, with PC and Xbox One players.

Anyone who picks up the game will be able to play it in tv mode, with any form of supported Switch controller, Tabletop mode and handheld modes are also supported as well, but players can also now play with a friend in the new competitive mode.

In this Switch only mode, the console acts as the chess board. Place the console down between you and your opponent to play cross-table chess. Each player uses an individual Joy-Con™ controller to take their turn, and the game features an adaptive UI for cross-table play meaning you can focus on your strategy and enjoy the ultimate table top challenge.

While no release date has been announced for the title yet, it is still expected by the end of the year.

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