August 15, 2017

Zero F**** Given in Agents of Mayhem

This week will see the release of Agents of Mayhem, the next game from the studio that brought you the entire Saints Row series and now you can enjoy the launch trailer, with zero fucks given.

Each of the 12 agents playable in Agents of Mayhem is a unique character with their own weapons, specialisations, skills and upgrades, special moves, and reason for fighting. Using their moves and skills like invisibility and triple-jump to out manoeuvre your enemies. The Agents’ power in combat comes from their daredevil nature and their greatest advantage is their use of teleportation technology.

Seoul is your playground and in that world, you can use your Agents abilities to traverse around the city, summon your custom Agent vehicle or carjack a civilian vehicle. Take part in the numerous open world activities to take back Soul from LEGION, from eliminating LEGION patrols, to destroying their equipment and supply trucks, to rescuing scientists that have been taken hostage, there are a plethora of activities for you to pick from.

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