August 18, 2017

Thoughts about Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition

Released on the 2nd of August for Windows, Linux and Mac, this revamped edition of a much loved classic is as playable as they come. For those familiar with the original release, there is not much of a change to gameplay. The same familiar system view exists, the planetary view whereby you position your buildings around cities is the same and the combat, espionage and research menus all resonate as old friends. It's the new weaponry, buildings, polish, scientific and espionage additions to the game that you'll be impressed with.

For those unfamiliar with the game, expect to be presented with a well polished turn based strategy game whereby your ultimate objective is to become the sole 'owner' of the solar system in which you, and several other players/AI reside on your home planets. Harnessing the power of a multitude of weapons, your objective is to obliterate the enemy with a huge arsenal of devastating and varied weapons.

Technological advances and espionage make your job easier and more thrilling the further you get into the game. A big part of your success depends on your ability to master the gravitational pull of all the celestial objects within the solar system. Some strategic and smart planning should soon see you wiping your enemies off the faces of their puny home planets. Just don't forget amongst all the pew-pew to take care of your power, resources and intelligence gathering - there is an aspect of economy management to this game.

Whether you're the blast and pray type player, a cool calculated customer who pairs intel with development, or a complete wildcard, you'll find enough destruction, tech and espionage to keep you engaged in this extremely fun but somehow still casual game. I often find myself throwing a round or two down just to fill the time, only to see that hours have passed in my quest to destroy all opposition.

If you're the social type, you can play online against other players, or even hotseat on the same PC with your friends. Outside of that, the AI itself is quite solid and should present you with a challenge.

Currently retailing for just $14.99 USD on Steam, you could do far worse.

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  1. Solid review. Sounds like a game worth picking up for that price!


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