August 24, 2017

Rocket League announces new cars for the Switch version

The announcement of Rocket League coming to Switch was a surprise at E3, but since then Psyonix had gone radio silent and for good reason, it seems that they were creating all new cars, exclusive to the Nintendo version of the game.

The first two Battle-Cars named Mario NSR and Luigi NSR are based on the iconic Nintendo characters. Whether or not players use the Mario or Luigi NSR will depend on which team color they select before the match -- Mario for the Orange team and Luigi for the Blue team.

For those looking for more of a sci-fi touch, then check out the second exclusive Battle-Car, Samus’ Gunship, based on the protagonist of the beloved Metroid franchise. Samus’ Gunship also has two different variations based upon what team color a player chooses, and are styled after different Varia Suits.

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