August 19, 2017

Raiders of a Broken Planet launches this September

MercurySteam have announced that Raiders of the Broken Planet will release on September 22nd, letting players experience 4v1 in an all new way. Launching on September 22nd for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, will be the Raiders of the Broken Planet - Prologue, which will give players a taste of the adventure.

In addition, the first campaign Alien Myths will also be released, which gives players a new character, all new missions and even more story, to help expand the world of Raiders.

In Raiders of the Broken Planet you pick your protagonist and work together with three other players in a counter-operative adventure. The biggest idea underpinning the game is something akin to Dark Souls, where a single player, The Antagonist, can invade a match just as it begins and choose to fight alongside the bad guys against the four-player human team. The goal of this Antagonist is simply to troll the good guys and prevent them from achieving their mission objectives.

Three more campaigns will be released at regular intervals: Wardog Fury, Hades Betrayal and Council’s Apocalypse. Each campaign will tell a new parallel story, add new characters and offer exceptional value. The parallel stories mean players can jump in at any time, not feel lost with what’s going on and importantly not have to play the campaigns in any set order.

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