August 18, 2017

Quake Champions is ready to go to Early Access

Bethesda have announced that next week, Quake Champions will end its closed beta period and officially enter Early Access and will be available on Steam as well as through the launcher. Alongside this news, is the fantastic news that DOOM Guy will also be joining the fight as one of the games playable characters.

“With a fast, skill-based game like Quake Champions, nothing is more important than continual testing and refining, based on player feedback, to ensure the game is balanced, optimized, and fun for all levels of players, from pro to new,” said Tim Willits, Studio Director, id Software. “The Early Access version of Quake Champions is, obviously, a work-in-progress, but represents a solid and robust version of the game, with four modes, 11 Champions, a variety of maps, and a thriving community of fans. Early Access will allow us to work closely with players to improve the game and add additional features before the official launch of Quake Champions in the coming months.”

Players who opt into the games early access period will get the following content and yes while the game will be free to play upon release, that won't be an option during the early access window
To play Quake Champions during Early Access, players can buy the Champions Pack, which includes:
- All 11 current Champions, including Ranger, Visor, Scalebearer, Nyx, Anarki, Clutch, Sorlag, Galena, Slash, BJ Blazkowicz from id Software’s Wolfenstein, and the new DOOM Slayer
- All future Champions, including at least six additional Champions expected to release before the end of 2018, and any that follow
- An exclusive Early Access skin for series diehard Ranger, available only during the Early Access period for Champions Pack players
- Three Reliquaries (loot chests containing three in-game items for profile, Champion, and weapon customization, like skins, shaders, nameplates, and more)

In addition to all that, players will also score two new maps, Church of Azathoth and Tempest Shrine and even more content.

For those that want DOOM Slayer, or DOOM Guy if you prefer, he will be available to those who opt in and will offer new challenges for players to take advantage of. Fans of DOOM can run amok using DOOM Slayer’s Active Ability – Berserk – smashing enemies into bloody piles of gibs with his bare hands. DOOM Slayer’s passive will also be familiar to DOOM fans - Double Jump - allowing him to jump a second time while in the air.

The game will begin Early Access on August 23rd, but no final release date has been announced yet.

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