August 03, 2017

Interplanetary Enhance Edition surprise launches today

Team 17 has announced that Interplanetary has been given an update and is now the Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition, with the best news being that all current Interplanetary owners will see an update for free to the new enhanced edition.

Successfully released in 2015, Interplanetary is a sci-fi turn-based strategy artillery game, where players develop their home planets and wage war with their massive artilleries. Play skirmishes against AI opponents in Single Player mode or challenge your friends to battle with both local and online multiplayer.

Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition’s new features include:
  • Improved visuals and sound
  • Ability to add AI opponents to online games – the most requested feature by the fans
  • New game balance plus Classic balance for existing players
  • New buildings and weapons, including a new superweapon
  • Quick targeting mode
  • New intel mechanics, making the intel system more compelling and easier to learn
  • Enhanced multiplayer experience with improved functionality
The game is available on PC, Mac and Linux via Steam.

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