August 15, 2017

Horns of the Reach arrives in The Elder Scrolls Online

Bethesda have announced that the Horns of the Reach DLC is now available for The Elder Scrolls Online, adding two all new dungeons to the game.

In addition to the new dungeons, the update also adds fixes to the overall experience, as well as a new PVP game mode and map.

Horns of the Reach DLC Game Pack
Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold, two new challenging dungeons, pit four-player groups against the menacing hordes of the Dreadhorn Clan. Both dungeons contain unique item sets, monster masks, achievements, and collectibles.

Horns of the Reach is also available in a special Collector’s Bundle, which offers a unique selection Horns of the Reach-themed items in addition to the DLC game pack, including the Karthwolf Charger mount, Karthwolf Shepherd pet, and five Crown Experience Scrolls. This exclusive bundle is available for a limited time in the Crown Store for 3,500 crowns.

Update 15 Details
Alongside Horns of the Reach, ZeniMax Online Studios has also released Update 15 for PC and Mac, delivering a host of overall game improvements that are free for everyone, as well as major additions to ESO’s fast-moving new Battlegrounds PvP, which are free for all owners of ESO: Morrowind.

Battlegrounds additions include a new arena – Arcane University, set in the heart of Cyrodiil’s ruined university - as well as a new game mode, Chaosball, in which players must capture and protect a “ball” to earn points for their team.

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